Trunk Bay: My alternative to Jost van Dyke

View from Trunk Bay Overlook, part of the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John.
View from Trunk Bay Overlook, part of the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John.

I love going to Trunk Bay when I need the powdery-soft white sand between my toes and the unbelievable blues in the water that I love at Jost van Dyke, BVI. But who can make it over to Jost every month? When I go to Trunk I can walk on the beach, float in the water and enjoy looking at the string of palm trees along the shore. And quite frankly, Trunk Bay is less crowded than Jost most of the time. I happen to be one of those people who can tune out the crowds on all but the busiest days, or I arrive after the big tour groups have left. Plus Trunk Bay has showers!

Whether you have actually gone out to the beach at Trunk Bay or not, it is quite possible that everyone who has been here has a photo or postcard of this view of Trunk Bay. Besides the overlook at Maho and Francis Bay, it is one of the most beautiful (and easy to photograph) views on St. John.  Trunk Bay is one of my favorite beaches, and I may be the only local resident who will say that!  Most people who live here will direct people away from Trunk Bay for a number of reasons:

  • It’s too full of tourists, especially from the Cruise ships in St. Thomas
  • and it is therefore, too crowded.
  • The snorkeling is not that great.
  • There are other less crowded beaches with better snorkeling

All of these reasons are true. But it is all relative. If you don’t have snorkeling at home, almost any snorkeling while on St. John is fantastic when you are only here for a week. Admittedly it is more crowded than any other beach, but it is bigger and you can get away from the crowds. And it is still less crowded than any beach on the US east coast!

Trunk Bay beach from the east side, looking west, towards Cruz Bay.
Trunk Bay beach from the east side, looking west, towards Cruz Bay.

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2 thoughts on “Trunk Bay: My alternative to Jost van Dyke”

  1. Lol!

    Closest I ever got to visiting Trunk was swimming around Trunk Island after as swim over from Cinnamon. That little private beach on the right point off of Trunk Bay is nice! I guess we stopped a couple times and walked out on the beach at Trunk over the years. I’d probably visit Trunk if I was there in the off season, or if there was a good trail from Trunk or at least some trail that let you walk the length of the north shore.

    Any updates on the goings on in the land at Maho?

    1. Yeah Charlie, I’ve got to put in the good work for Trunk Bay or the only people who will see it will be the cruise ship passengers from St. Thomas!! I’ve made a few converts.. As for the land at Maho, no word. It’s been very quiet. They are still taking down the tents (mainly the screen & stanley cloth), so I wonder if the owner even knows what he is doing or is directly involved. There will be a loss of some very valuable wood this winter if it is not protected or removed. But I have decided that I hope the owner does not donate it to the park after what happened last week! Due to the government shutdown, all beaches and trails were closed to the public. No parking, walking on the beach or swimming/snokeling. Despite the provisions that the land was always to remain public when the park moved into St. John. I was swimming in the water at Hawksnest and a Park Ranger (who must have been working!!) told me to get out of the water. There are beaches out of the park but not many that are worthwhile for snorkeling or beaching. I should write a post actually…

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