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The Allure of Caribbean Blue

The captivating blues of the water and sky at Big Maho Bay, St. John, USVI in early August.
The captivating blues of the water and sky at Big Maho Bay, St. John, USVI in early August.

With some of the clearest turquoise blue water and soft white sand beaches, the bays and beaches around St. John are irresistible! The mountains surrounding the bays, often with cays in the distance, calm the bays and draw people into the cool and tranquil water. Along the beach the laughing gulls chat back and forth, laughing at their own private jokes. Turn around and you have a view of sea-grape trees and coconut palms. The temperature and clarity of the water around St. John seduces those who enter to stay as long as possible and take in the 360 degree view.  I read in Islands Magazine that “neuroscience studies show that when we watch the color blue and calm seascapes, we produce the same stress-relieving alpha brain waves as seen in meditating monks”.  I am not sure if I reach that state when I stare at the water here but I do notice that my mind stays in the present moment. Even more so when I am in the water itself. It is almost hard to envision your work life stress when on a float in the turquoise blue water of Maho Bay. It is a evanescent reprieve from our racing, always worrying minds.

In early January of this year, on a rainy and overcast morning,  I went out in Big Maho Bay for standup paddle-boarding. The water was winter-cool (if you live here you would understand how we become wimps when the water temperature dips below warm) and the rain did not feel any warmer. The sun was trying to clear out the clouds but no blue sky was appearing, yet the water still had it’s incredible blue color. It looked like I was paddling on top of blue-green jello, clear but not transparent. Although I don’t have a paddle board of my own, if I did I think my favorite time to be out on the water at Big Maho would be in an early morning rain.

360 degree view of Maho Bay, St. John. (This (above) was the first video I shot in the water last fall, I used my iPhone in a case in which it was loose. Not thrilled with it, and not comfortable using my Lifeproof case since it had some flaws. So I soon decided to move onto an underwater camera and that turned out to be a great decision!)