Reverse Sunset: Trunk Bay

Sunset falling on Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI in early 2013.
Sunset falling on Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI in early 2013.

The views of the beaches along the North Shore are breathtaking and despite being a regular visitor and two-time resident of St. John, I never take the views for granted. I have taken so many photos as I passed by the overlooks that I can generously delete some and still have a folder full of both the Trunk Bay and Maho Bay overlooks. But I don’t have any others like this. Driving back from Cruz Bay on a rainy day earlier this year, I happen to be passing Trunk Bay at the time of the sunset. I just loved the fact that the warm red light was falling almost directly on the beach and the beach was deserted!

This view was a glorious part of the “arrival sequence” to Maho Bay Camp: wake up way to early, board plane with my eyes barely open, grab a coffee at whatever airport I have a layover, land in St. Thomas and have the humidity hit me as if someone threw a blanket over my head, take a taxi “tour” of St. Thomas ending at the Red Hook Ferry dock, sneak in a Bushwhacker if there was time (making up for any frustration at missing the ferry by 10 minutes and having to wait an hour!), pile onto the ferry with all the other tourists and their over-sized luggage, find the Maho shuttle in town, riding along North Shore Road with a view of a spectacular beach every 10 minutes, ending with a bumpy ride up the road to Maho Bay Camp!


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  1. We always LOVED that wonderful fragrance we smelled as we travelled the North Shore Rd in Mr Frett’s open air taxi on the way out to Maho Bay Camps – just one of the many unique features there!!

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