Rest in Peace Althea

I am sorry to say I have some sad news: Althea died this morning.  She has been living with a former Maho Bay Camps chef near Cruz Bay and being well taken care of.  I imagine the stress of moving to Coral Bay with someone she had never known before and then the time she fended for herself until finding Marty in Calabash Boom, her age and being away from the only place she knew as home was too much. Crispin said he was there to comfort her and she was not alone.  Althea was a very special presence at Maho  and she is always a part of my memories of Maho Bay Camp…

If you have any photos you’d like to share, please email them to me with any comments you’d like me to add. I will gather any sent over the next few weeks and will put together another post with them all!  You can find my gmail address on my Contact page.

p.s. Unfortunately Eco (the grey and white cat that could be found near the art gallery and sometimes the bar area) died a few weeks after leaving Maho also. He was younger and living with a former staff person so it came as a real surprise. It is sad to hear, like another nail in the Maho coffin so to speak, yet I am not surprised. These cats always seemed very happy and content at Maho and obviously thrived off of being around so many people or they would have left. It’s bit like the magic spell has been broken.

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9 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Althea”

  1. Any news about Black Cat & Black Cat? I hope they have fared better than Althea and Eco. The Maho cats and the kindness & care the staff showed them will always be a special part of my Maho memories.

    1. I’ve never quite been clear on which cats you mean.. George (watersports) and Gail (pottery studio) adopted 2 cats and one for sure is black. They are doing soooo much better since one was allergic to sand fleas. They look so good they are almost unrecognizable! I think they may have adopted Spooky too – giving them 2 black cats. Hopefully those are the ones you mean!

  2. Thanks Kristin. I was thinking of the two black cats that hung around the Waterfront Activities building. I had only heard them called “Black Cat and Black Cat”. One of them definitely had skin lesions, though, so I’m sure that is the cat that you mentioned. That is great that the skin lesions have cleared up. I had heard they were adopted together when Maho closed, so hopefully Spooky is the other one. I’m so happy that they are having a happy life!

    1. Thanks Marty, I wasn’t sure of Eco’s age but I also don’t remember him as well when I worked there before, so I was assuming he was younger!

  3. I am sorry to hear that. I recall many times when I came upon her lounging on the white roof down by the Maho store. She reminded everyone to slow down and soak it all in. What a sweetie.

  4. As a long time cat owner, I recognized that Althea’s kidneys were not functioning properly anymore…not unusual in cats that are getting up in years as Althea was. She had a wonderful life, as did Eco, and it’s always quality that matters not quantity. They made my times in Maho Bay that much better. Thank you all of Maho Bay staff for caring for them.

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