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Underwater Reggae!

This reggae video was filmed in St.John, above and below the water. Love the lyrics since I am crazy about snorkeling here and because the filming underwater matches up with the music!

The official Rhythm of Life Music Video. Artist: Angel EXODUS Bolques, Produced and Directed by E Franklin Tulloch. Written by A.Bolques, J. Hamilton, EF Tulloch, Earthbound studios/EFT/AB copyright 2013 (C) Watch in 1080p HD.

Lyrics (with a few unknowns):

It’s the rhythm of life, sounds so nice, it’s paradise (x3)

Some like to talk about the birds and the bees,

I want to talk about the fish and the seas,

I love the currents of the lovely ocean,

I love to watch the waves in slow motion,

Watch them bust against the rocks and the sand,

It mixes up to make a love potion

The ocean is filled with wild life,

Come take a trip to Love City, Virgin Isle,

Come stay a while and set your sundial,

Under St. John it’s paradise mile for mile

Come feel it for yourself,

Just relax and swim,

You don’t need to move (?) just let the rhythm take you away,

So you’re diving under water and feeling so free,

Check out this underwater community,

It’s a hidden life under the sea,

It’s like a city within the coral reefs,

Watch out for de seafans, them a’sway like trees,

Fish and turtle dem swim round the reefs (?),

Schools of fishes dem a move like family,

Reflections of colors dem a look so pretty,

Nothing compares to this island’s beauty,

So come stay with us in Love City…