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Recipe for a Caribbean Painkiller

The famous Caribbean concoction, the Painkiller, with the mountains of Coral Bay, St. John in the distance, and a papaya tree directly behind the drink.

Drink in my hand & Toes in the sand!

Straight to you: a Painkiller Recipe! 

Two activities that many people do when they stayed at Maho was a boat trip to Jost van Dyke, BVI and a Painkiller from the Soggy Dollar Bar. Even if you have not had the fun of going over to see the small island of ‘Jost’ you can sample a Painkiller here on St. John. As a matter of fact, the restaurant at Concordia (sister eco-resort to Maho Bay Camp) has a full service bar and makes an excellent Painkiller.

My favorite island drinks are the Painkiller and the Bushwacker, and I probably like the new version of the Painkiller made at Soggy Dollar, the ‘Nilla Killa! There are plenty of Painkiller recipes floating around the internet on how to make an “Original” or “Authentic” Painkiller, but I have a recipe that actually comes closer to the taste of the Painkiller & ‘Nilla Killa. Why should you believe this? Well, I had a few months with a severe foot injury that led to many days off work spent reading good books and perfecting my ‘Nilla Killa recipe. Secondly, I have had the chance to visit the Soggy Dollar Bar a few times this year and compare my drink to theirs! One thing no one ever mentions is that the Soggy Dollar pours their Painkillers out of a gallon jug, and it is a rational decision since they pour so many. But I am also quite sure they make the recipe in larger batches as a starting point, and that is the way I have perfected my recipe!

soggy dollar bar
White Bay, Jost van Dyke, BVI as seen from the Soggy Dollar Bar – A great place to get a Pain Killer!

The new Nilla Killa:  My thought was that if you can’t make it to the islands this year, to soak in the sunshine, refreshing blue water and buttery soft white sand, then maybe you can bring a bit of the island to you! The Painkiller is a suitable replacement to a Mimosa or Eggnog as a Holiday libation! It is orangey-creamy goodness that will remind your time in the Caribbean.

The basics:

  1. 1 empty gallon jug
  2. 1 15oz can of Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut
  3. 32 oz of Orange Juice
  4. 32 oz of Pineapple Juice
  5. 32 oz of Mango Juice
  6. fresh grated nutmeg for the top of your drink (can be ordered from St. John Spice if necessary, only $10 for the grater and bag of nutmeg)

Now, it is your Rum that makes it a Painkiller or Nilla Killa. I prefer the ever available Cruzan Rum found here in the US Virgin Islands, but you can try your favorites.  I usually put 2 Cups Dark Rum in for a Painkiller or 1 Cup Dark Rum with 2 Cups Vanilla Rum for the Nilla Killa. I put this in with the Coco Lopez first and fill up the jug with the juices. Great for serving ready made drinks to a crowd. Of course some people want different amounts of alcohol, so you can mix it without the the rum, adding rum to desired amounts to each drink. Down here that might be considered too much work though….  Only 100 calories per drink, (if you drink it here in the islands! )