About My Blog

My initial motivation for this blog was to record events and memories of my stay during the 2012-2013 season, hoping to capture aspects that have made this place special to so many people over the decades.  I see it as a lasting written and photographic record of the experiences while staying at Maho Bay Camp. For various reasons, posting while working there was too difficult and did not occur. I am still on St. John and will use this time to share photos and memories, as well as current events from St. John.

Postcards from Maho Bay is dedicated to the many guests, summer volunteers and staff who have loved being a part of the Maho experience over the years.  Additionally, this site is dedicated to my parents, who took our family camping at the beach every summer when I was growing up on the North Carolina coast. It inspired in me a love of nature and the outdoors. My mother’s discovery of Maho Bay Camps in 1995 began the start of regular sojourns to St. John when we needed some time in a tree house, with the jungle sounds surrounding us at night.

In memory of the much loved eco-resort Maho Bay Camp on St. John, US Virgin Islands.